Friday, June 30, 2006

Suxors and roxors

There's no pleasing some people. Michael Sommers of the Star Ledger hardly likes anything about Macbeth. But it's ok, he hasn't liked any other production of it either. Jacques Le Sourd of The Journal News only sees black as well.

However! From Writing with Zest:

The short review: OMG It r0x0rs! Why I feel the need to type bad L33T: No clue.

I have seen some bad Shakespeare in the Parkin my time. Just becase some big, famous actor or actors are in it doesn't mean the thing is oing to be any good. Twefth Night 4 years ago? Worst. Production. Evar. Where is John Carroll when you need him? Anyway, I didn't get my hopes up too high even though Liev Schreiber and Jennifer Ehle play Macbeth and his Lady. It might still have been bad Good thing it SO wasn't. It was the opposite of bad times ten. So, so good.

Read on to see why her loins go "HELLO, Dolly!".

Over at Press 53 they've got the proof of John Ehle's The Land Breakers ready. Check out the info about the launch at On the Same Page.

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