Thursday, June 29, 2006


Curses to subscription content - rush out and buy Women's Wear Daily, dear readers! Look at this preview of "Portrait of a Lady".

NEW YORK — Jennifer Ehle is one of those rare creatures whose ethereal beauty almost blossoms more from having her head shaved. But though her high cheekbones and sparkling blue eyes may benefit from the crop — for a part in the upcoming film "Pride and Glory" — it's probable her self-effacing personality doesn't appreciate the extra stares that result. For Ehle, despite her many accolades, is shy. So shy, in fact, that when she was a drama student in England in the late Eighties, the North Carolina native adopted an English accent "to camouflage myself," she says.

Yep, that's all the free content! (Blue?!)

Apologies for jumping to the Island of Conclusions and spreading the misinformation about the hair being for Macbeth. Obviously we don't know nothin' bout nothin'.

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