Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lady Macbeth goes punk

Spot Jennifer Ehle. This is from a reunion of past Tony award winners as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations. The photo's by Sara Krulwich for the New York Times.

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Clue: talking in class (tsk tsk).

Cor, blimey! Just as we were enthusing about her cool new cut!

There are more photos at Wireimage but unless you have a subscription or superacute vision, it's impossible to pick her out from the group photos.

The Tony's site has this on their calendar:
June 1
Reunion Photo

It's history in the making! Performers who have won Tony Awards over the past 59 years will gather in a Broadway theatre for a group photograph, then head to Sardi's Restaurant for refreshments and reminiscing.

They also have galleries from the shoot. That link goes to a massive group one; the photo below is found in "The Tony Reunion Photo Shoot - part 5" in the scrolldown menu.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Her Hair!!!! Talking is a no no, but because she's talking to Patti Lupone it's okay :)

Michelle said...

Cute with the hat BUT I don't think I like the buzz cut. Perhaps it's for a role? Or maybe she's looking ahead to the play and thinking about keeping cool outside in the humidity of NY.

Jennite said...

Chels & I reckon it's for when Lady Macbeth goes insane. Or maybe at "Come, you spirits / that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here!", she whips off her wig ;)

I think it's interesting. Need a closer look sans hat.

Gwen said...

I can understand shaving her head for Macbeth. A big theme in the play is masculinity--and Lady Macbeth certainly isn't a femminine character.

Anonymous said...

Yo I am soo jealous that she got to do this - it's something that I have always wanted to do! Either she is a dedicated actress or just really awesome... either way JE is a winner in my book

Chelsea said...

I think the hair is hot

Anonymous said...

What will she do? She won't be able to run her hands through her hair when she is nervous!

Jennite said...

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