Friday, June 09, 2006

Fine eyes turn fiend-like

Merci to Kate from the comments below. She's alerted us to another photo from the Tony's reunion at Click on "View photos"; the eighth one features Jennifer Ehle and Rosemary Harris. It's sort of similar to the "it runs in the family" one posted earlier.

And this from Blue Garter is giggle-worthy:

Ciao from drippy, dismal New York. I surely picked the wrong week to visit, weatherwise. And also cultural events-wise - Shakespeare in the Park opens with the Scottish Play, featuring Liev Schrieber and my personal heroine Jennifer Ehle… the day after I leave. I am heartbroken. If I didn’t have a job interview (for a job I really do want) in Portland on Tuesday, I would absolutely change my ticket. Who doesn’t want to see Lizzy Bennet become Lady Macbeth? It’s like a twisted fantasy in which life at Pemberley goes horribly awry.

Meanwhile from Press 53, there's word that Harper Lee has sent in the blurb for John Ehle's book The Land Breakers, which they'll finish proofing this week.

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