Thursday, June 22, 2006

More from Dave

Dave's the one who articulated the bipolar theory below. Gracias to him for letting this extra bit of our correspondence be posted. He gives this caveat in advance:

I am in no way any type of theatre authority nor can I claim being correct in Ehle's interpretation. This was just how I interpreted what I saw that particular night.

And continues thusly:

It really was a big departure from the normal Evil Queen-from-Snow-White interpretation where the Lady is simply power-hungry and cruel and then becomes a sniveling whiner and we are beaten over the head with the whole "this is what happens when...". I hope the critics take pause to realize she isn't being so cookie-cuttered and it really worked but it did take a bit of time to process. I've noticed that when Ehle's various characters get excited, whether it be for good or bad, she talks quite quickly and as Lady M is in excitable circumstances, she really flies through the lines, and Shakespeare certainly needs a bit of time to digest! No one can fault her for lethargy, though.

She is very funny doing damage control when Macbeth sees the vision of Banquo at the banquet and received lots of laughs over her reaction to Macbeth's "fit."

As far as seeing it again, now that I know what to expect as far as the infamous line goes, I do believe I will try again. If the critics have any kind words (which they absolutely should but then again some of them don't seem to be seeing the same show I am) the line will grow even longer.

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