Thursday, June 15, 2006

Report from the Delacorte

Yay, first evah Macbeth report! From the Liev Schreiber forum. "dssm" also has lots of advice on lining up, as do these BroadwayWorld folks.

Jennifer Ehle looked gorgeous. Didn't she just shave her head??? Regardless, she had (a wig) golden locks in a bob & looked just luscious is the only way to say it - she wore flowing pink dresses, a blue evening gown, a stunning white ballroom strapless gown & a nightgown throughout the show. She & Liev were great together I thought. They're very bonded as Macbeth & Lady Macbeth (a few good smooches even!) and then when they incite eachother to murder, they get all bloody -- how could that not be good bonding? ;) At one point she also makes reference to his stubble growth - so that must be for the play! Almost every other male actor had a beard, so Liev must be catching up.

Continued in the thread.

Oops, was totally wrong about her shaving her head for the play!

The Washington Post (via someone's journal) also has an article about the superstition around Macbeth with quotage from the witches and director.


Tina said...'s first review posted this morning by "melissa errico fan". Short and positive:

MACBETH last night was really something. A very dark staging, featuring a virtuoso performance by Mr. Schreiber. Maybe the best Macbeth I've ever seen. Jennifer Ehle as Lady Macbeth was intense and straight-up crazy. The entire ensemble was very very good, and the show ran surprisingly well for a first preview. This is definitely one to see.


Anonymous said...

Will the play be reviewed like the regular Broadway shows? Meaning like The New York Times, AP, etc. I'm interested to read them all. Oh and will you ladies post them all? Thank you.

Jennite said...

I think so - the press night is on the 28th (which is the official opening). I've found some reviews from earlier years.

And as to whether we'll post them all...of course! We'll be scouring the media and blogosphere and forums for any news.

Thanks for the tip Tina - great name ;).