Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alpha to preem at Curzon

Word from Verve is that an August 11th release is confirmed, and the film will be opening at the Curzon Mayfair in London.

Capitol Films is the international distributor.

PS. More Shakespeare in the Park tips at BroadwayWorld. There's also an announcement about Macbeth's opening on Playbill, no new info though.

PPS. And even more tips.

PPPS. The Barbican will be showing Alpha Male on August 14th. Nothing's up on either the Barbican or Curzon sites yet, this is just what we've heard from Verve.

P^4S. Goodness, news just keeps coming in. Capitol says that Alpha Male will probably be a video and TV title in regions outside of the UK, but this is being double checked.

Lucky last PS. Blogger Sally Tomato gets an overwhelming response when she offers people on Craigslist $50 to line up for Macbeth.

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