Monday, June 26, 2006

Round two

We're now getting some reports from people who've seen the show in early previews and returned a second time. Puck from Schreiber land:

anyway, things were pretty much the same as before except jennifer ehle slowed down a LOT, which i assume most people will be happy about. it did help make her monologue much more understandable. i kind of liked it though when she was running through the lines. there was a lot more energy in it. this was still a pretty solid performance. i think liev was a bit less energetic this time around as well. the rain delay and the cool temperature seemed to set up a more laid back atmosphere that took some of the bite out of the leads' performances. but they were still very good, and god knows everyone was a lot more comfortable. several issues of motivation and the transition in the characters made more sense this time too, though i think it's just because it's the second time i've seen it, not because anything was performed differently. i appreciated the staging and the sound more this time around. maybe the timing was a little better coordinated, but i didn't feel there were as many awkward bumps this time around. good call on getting rid of those camo nets in the grand finale. i also realized how much they played up humorous lines in the midst of the serious scenes. i don't know if it's usually done that way, but the levity was well placed and welcome in a largely tragic play.

And from Kerry who recommends repeat viewings:

So I just saw Macbeth for the second time and it was AWESOME. Everyone had grown into their roles but especially JE. She seems way more comfortable and her performance is excellent. I went when it rained all day so it was very empty and I got to move up all the way to a front section. Didn't rain during the performance thank goodness. I jetted out during the curtain call and camped out for a picture with the fabulous JE. She was super spectacularly overwhelmingly nice to me - I was very nervous and I think it showed. She took a picture and got an autograph for my friend Terry!! Her hair is going in very cool. Walked out of the park with one of the witches - we talked the whole way about the show and how each night is different. If you went once go again - I might go a third time!

Terry sez million thanks - even if T-i-n-a is the more conventional spelling! :P


MichelleL said...

Did she mean she met and had her picture taken with Jennifer?

Kerry said...

Yes I met her and took a picture with her

michelle said...

Thank you, Kerry. Are you able to share the pic with us?

Kerry said...

OK this will make no sense but I will attempt to explain. After everything I went through to get the picture I am really proud of it, but at the same time I think it is soo special. So I am really protective of it; I don't really want it out there floating on the internet... does that make any sense at all? If you don't like that reason - I look absolutely crazy in the picture. When I saw it I was surprised JE didn't run away from me. I guess I look nuts when I'm excited/nervous.... Sorry if you're disappointed.

Michelle said...

I understand. Congrats for getting the pic. Cherish it. I've read that JE usually politely refused pics so it sounds like you are one of the lucky ones.
So can you tell us if she looks as beautiful in person?
Stupid question, I know. lol.

Kerry said...

She looks exactly the same in person - she really does photograph well. I mean I look terrible and she looks beautiful. Yes I've been told about her elusiveness - hence my special feelings about getting a picture. No idea why she said yes to me. Either I looked so sad(by that I mean terriblely excited it was pathetic) she had to say yes or so crazy she thought she couldnt say no!!! lol