Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Macbeth bits and pieces

Jason, a fan of both Macbeth and the World Cup:

wednesday night was yet another treat. elvira and siblings had a spare ticket for shakespeare in the park and i was of course up to it, knowing how good those central park plays are and how difficult getting a ticket is. macbeth did not disappoint. liev schreiber (known for scary movie and the manchurian candidate) and the rest of the cast did well. also, seeing the play in an open theater under the backdrop of stars, trees, and um flying airplanes was quite magical. and as always, was nice being surrounded by a group of dutchies (especially that the germany win that day was a good starting point for conversation).

And from Kerri:

So I forgot how AMAZING New York can be in the summer...even if it means sweating constantly! So I've had a great past week! Last Thursday I went to see Shakespeare in the Park...Central Park! And let me tell's no ordinary Shakespeare in the Park. The tickets are free, which is great, and it is in an actual open-air theater in the heart of Central Park. It was like a production at the Guthrie, but outdoors! Simply amazing! So the play was Macbeth, which I've only read and never seen, and it was spectacular!! Liev Schreiber (the actor) starred as Macbeth, as well as some other famous theater actors and Magda, Miranda's housekeeper from Sex and the City!! It was so incredible! I want to see it again! Liev is my new handsome!

From Bethany's LJ:

Last Thursday I took in Macbeth, the Public Theater's first offering at Shakespeare in the Park. Liev Schriber and Jennifer Ehle star, but more importantly my best friend of 18 years, Hollie Hunt is in the ensemble (and she understudies Lady Macduff, two of the witches--one played by the woman who played Magda on Sex in the City, the porter, and then a messenger).

While my fingers are crossed someone takes ill or has heat stroke and Hollie gets to go on in one of her understudy roles, she was fabulous in her silent stage debut. She is featured prominently in one of the scenes (I won't mention here in case any New Yorkers are going to see it.) and is paying her dues in a most auspicious production. Liev was captivating. His performance was layered and he has a sensuality that seeps in, even while he is trying to hold it back. Jennifer Ehle, who looks like a young Meryl Streep was less earthy and shone more in her solo scenes than in any shared with Liev, but it is still a production worth catching.

And, I get to catch it again. Hollie was given two tickets for opening night and she invited me and an actor friend to attend and to go to the afterparty to do some star gazing.

Look at the comments, where she says that they had rehearsals til 2am after the show. Hard work.

LionessInWinter gives a mixed review at BroadwayWorld (same thread as before, and the extreme owch warning applies if you venture to page 1).

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