Monday, June 05, 2006

In town

New York is being graced with the presence of the holy whole Ehle-Harris trinity at the mo, according to Press 53's latest update:

...Also in the works in our first release under Press 53 Classics, The Land Breakers, by John Ehle. We have made a decision on the cover and will post it soon. We are still proofing the text, which had to be re-typed from the original. Thanks to all our friends and family who pitched in. We plan to have The Land Breakers in stores by mid-July.

Sheryl also spoke to Harper Lee yesterday, who says she will be sending her blurb later this week. Mr. Ehle is currently in New York, visiting his wife Rosemary Harris, who is shooting her scenes for Spider-man III (she plays the lovely and feisty Aunt May), and their daughter Jennifer, who is playing Lady Macbeth in a play being performed in Central Park. Jennifer, as some of you may know, has appeared in several films, including most recently, Pride & Prejudice.

Heh, "most recently".

Yay, it's a week to Macbeth! Already excited, from 16 000km away! Who's going to the opening night?

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