Friday, June 16, 2006

"Best ever"!

Thanks to Tina (!) in the comments below for this brief report from someone at the BroadwayWorld forum:

MACBETH last night was really something. A very dark staging, featuring a virtuoso performance by Mr. Schreiber. Maybe the best Macbeth I've ever seen. Jennifer Ehle as Lady Macbeth was intense and straight-up crazy. The entire ensemble was very very good, and the show ran surprisingly well for a first preview. This is definitely one to see.

And here's the link to the "quick thumbs up" from All That Chat that LY in the tagboard mentioned. All they say is this:
Since this was the first preview of the Shakespeare in the Park production, i won't say much (although it went surprisingly smoothly). However, I will say that it's definitely worth catching.

Thanks LY!

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