Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going a-googling

Some random resources about Coast of Utopia, coming right up. Most relate to the 2002 production but give some idea about the story and style.

Edit again: scratch the NYT, Variety has more details about the who-plays-what:

In Utopia, O'Byrne will play the mid-19th century Russia radical theorist and editor, Alexander Herzen.
Stephen Dillane essayed the part in London. Crudup will play literary critic Vissarion Belinsky. Hawke is the aristocrat-turned-anarchist Michael Bakunin and Hamilton will be the poet Nicholas Ogarev. Easton, Ehle, Harbour and Plimpton will be featured in multiple roles throughout the three-part work.

  • BBC's brief synopsis of the trilogy
  • Playbill has pages for all three parts up: Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage
  • Complete Review collates reviews from the 2002 production of Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage. Also, t2k reviews the whole trilogy.
  • The National Theatre's site with a list of some characters; has descriptions of some of the roles. Let the speculation begin!
  • Tom Stoppard writes about the trilogy in The Guardian
  • Various news articles about this production

    Anonymous said...

    Multiple roles? She'll be playing more than one role? I was hoping she was going to play opposite Ethan Hawke or Billy Crudip.

    Jennite said...

    Well there are 3 plays, so maybe she'll do a role in each.

    I'm putting my money on Natalie Herzen - look at this description:

    "Natalie Herzen: 30’s. Alexander’s wife. An independent woman, free-thinking and romantic, optimistic, warm, down to earth, emotionally present and full of feeling."

    Am plucking this out of the air and will be proven wrong no doubt.