Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Telegraph: "Creating a costume drama"

Jennifer Ehle talks about costumer Tom Rand's designs for her character, Tracy Lord.

"The brilliant thing about Tom," she says, "is that he not only creates amazing clothes which are flattering, which we all love him for, but also thinks about how they will make you feel. I've been longing to see everyone in their costumes. Each character has his or her own costume vocabulary - yet the clothes look very real.

"Tracy Lord is a particularly delicious part and her clothes are her identity. Tom has created a red wig for me, and there's lots of references in the play to my nickname, 'Red'. I also get to wear a pair of silver and gold brocade Prada shoes with four-inch heels. It's no secret I'm not averse to wearing a little vintage, so I love all my outfits in the show. I can't think when I've ever been quite so comfortable before."

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