Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Camomile Lawn

In 1992, Jennifer Ehle was plucked from drama school to play Calypso in Peter Hall's television adaptation of Mary Wesley's novel, The Camomile Lawn. Here are a few resources about the film.

  • Buy the DVD at
  • iofilm review of the film and DVD
    Felicity Kendal gives a lovely performance as the scatty, snobbish, but endearing Aunt Helena and Jennifer Ehle steals the show as the magnificently vampish Calypso - a kind of grand wartime Samantha, who goes on swearing that she only ever married her husband for his money well after everyone else has realised she secretly married him for love.
  • Photos from Debby Wan's site, some rather washed-out screen caps from a Toby Stephens site, and a few clearer shots from the same site.
  • User reviews from IMDB. If you click on "external reviews" on the left, note that the Scoopy one is adults-only.
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