Thursday, May 19, 2005

theatreVOICE and BritEvents reviews of Philadelphia Story

A discussion-style review is up at the Flash-based audio theatreVOICE magazine. Very jerky on a dialup connection. Basically the reviewers thought the cast too old, the script "creaky", the timing "plodding", the play "ho-hum" overall, though not an "absolute turkey" at least. Here is a transcript I typed up of the parts concerning Jennifer Ehle. May she and God forgive me also, but news is news.

-Jennifer Ehle too is this ice maiden that's supposed to thaw - and actually I didn't feel her thawing at all
-I liked her actually, but...
-She was quite warm from the get-go...that was her problem. I think she's got various problems, I think she's, you know...if Jennifer Ehle is listening to this, please forgive me, and God also forgive me, but know, I think she's a terrific actress but in this she's too mumsy for the part really, and she looks, uh, she has this kind of serious, deep look and she needs to be more self-serving, I think, as a personality at least to start off with, to undergo this sort of transformation. She doesn't have any versatility in her voice, and she needs to be spiky and shrill and sensuous and all sorts of things, and she just hits one tone from start to finish and it really does nothing for the part
-I think she was trying to be statuesque, wasn't she, but she actually looked incredibly nervous and wooden, I think
-I think actors should never try to look statuesque, it's a road to ruin

On the other end of the scale is a refreshingly enthusiastic review at BritEvents.

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