Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Livejournal comments on Philadelphia Story

With positive reviews being in short supply, I thought you might be interested in following the comments in Schehrezade's Livejournal, which was linked here earlier. Note that this site contains some R-rated Buffy fanfic. Use Ctrl + F and search "Ehle" to skip straight to the relevant comments.

She was stunning in the part Katherine Hepburn played in the film - the whole production was AWESOME!
I thought she handled herself perfectly and her performance was spotless - her accent was flawless (unlike Julia Mckenzie who I think said her first three lines in a very faltering accent and then abandoned it). Jennifer carried the production in my opinion, it was a hard role to do so many lines and she is pratically a constant presence onstage. Only negative thing I would say is her final outfit - not flattering at all!

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