Friday, May 20, 2005

CurtainUp review of Philadelphia Story

I do hope I haven't already posted this. All these reviews are melding together. This CurtainUp one is nicer than many of the others, however.

Spacey's biggest challenge was to find a leading lady who could rival the celluloid memories of Hepburn and Grace Kelly. He chose well. Jennifer Ehle, daughter of Rosemary Harris, is a British actor known for her talent and her luminescent beauty. She wowed the nation when she appeared on BBC television as Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett to Colin Firth's Mr D'Arcy. She was nominated for a 2000 Best Actress Tony (her mother was another contender for the same award that year) for her part in the revival of Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing.
The third act is a delight, with Spacey and Ehle in tip top comic form as Tracy has to face up to her actions of the night before.
Ehle is almost too charming from the beginning. Her best scene is the morning after when the trail of incriminating objects tend to suggest that Mike might have been in her bedroom. Dexter describes her symptoms as "a feeling of fright accompanied by a headache". And as she remembers the events of the evening, her eyes, heavy with a hangover, closed up until now, pop open in shock.

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