Monday, May 23, 2005

"One of the great faces"

Older, from the Possession days, but it's always nice to hear other people gushing about Ms Ehle! Movie Maker interviews Neil Labute:

MM: Jennifer Ehle is probably better known as a stage actress than for her work in movies. She won a Tony several years back for The Real Thing. She was competing against her mother, Rosemary Harris, so of course she’s got great acting genes. But talk about casting her and Jeremy Northam?

NL: She is just wonderful. She has an amazing face to watch—really one of the great faces. And they had both had done a lot of period work and again, you just know they’re going to be able to carry the weight of that, but they made it fresh. They made it feel like a couple from today. It wasn’t precious: real concerns and real fears and laughter. They were great to work with. They just kind of get the job done so there’s not a lot of angst about acting and ‘It’s my soul!’ They are well-trained and they’re very emotional as well, but they’re trained to find it. Even if they can’t find it, they manufacture it.

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