Thursday, May 12, 2005

BBC Radio 4 mp3 and Variety review

I've recorded the BBC Radio 4 snippet about The Philadelphia Story in my Yahoo Briefcase. I'm still not sure whether the public sharing feature works or not.

There's also a review of The Philadelphia Story in Variety, which requires paid subscription.

[edit] Evelyn from the EhleNews group has provided a full typed version. As always, here are the Ms Ehle bits:
And yet, far from concluding the inaugural lineup on a high, Zaks' first staging to originate in Britain encases Jennifer Ehle's delicious star turn in a sexless package, alternately sluggish and manic.
Coming relatively late to a casting process that weighed numerous potential leading ladies, Ehle turns out to be the distinguishing feature of an evening that for the most part feels oddly desultory, as if the Anglo-American company had yet to establish its rhythm.
That leaves Ehle stranded in ways unknown to Tracy, which isn't fair to an actress marking her return to the British stage after five years. In robust voice and with none of the archness that seems to inhabit some of the lines (it's no cinch making remarks like "golly Moses" sound utterly casual), the actress gives us a so-called goddess winningly brought down to earth in a production that too rarely takes flight.

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