Monday, May 30, 2005

More notes from another River King extra

I e-mailed a guy from the IMDB board on The River King who seemed like he was involved with the film, asking for any details he could give me. Here's the reply:

I auditioned for Nathanial Gibb. I didn't get a chance to read the entire script, just the audition lines. From what I heard however, Jennifer had the female lead in the movie.

I remember the day we shot the set had to be done up with fake snow (it was april) then about half way through the day, there was a random unexpected snowfall (unpredictible maritime spring weather!) which really made things look beautiful.

[edit: one part about Ms Ehle removed because of new posting policy]

One other thing, not really related to jennifer but to the movie: I remember a man working as an extra got upgraded to actor (big deal, lots more $$$) after someone gave him directions yell "get to class" to the extras in a shot. This rarely happens on purpose, which leads me to believ one of the AD's might have done tis by accident.
Thats really all I can remember, like I said I only had a chance to work one day on it.

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