Saturday, May 28, 2005

From the River King screening

Another blog from someone who worked on The River King! This time it's by a production exec (I think that's her) who writes about the film screening for the cast and crew.

So last night's movie, looked good...

Still, i'm glad i went to see it. It was the first time i've ever seen my name on the big screen, because most of the things i've worked on are bad TV movies, and those only credit the important people. The theatre was filled with crew, and some cast showed up too. Some people even flew in to see it!

The movie had some great shots, it was well acted by at least some of the cast (i thought there was also some over-acting though) but they had to cut a lot of the original script out. That was too bad. One thing i realized though: all the actors look way better in person than they did on screen. Strange, because often it's the other way around.

Afterwords, they had a gathering in a restaurant that was upstairs, in the stuffiest, warmest room i've ever been in. It was full of egos.

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