Monday, May 09, 2005

More Philadelphia Story audience reviews

From "Birthday Girl" of Driving Mr Spacey, another not-so-positive review (first day nerves perhaps):
It was the first night for 'The Philadelphia Story' and it showed! There were fluffed lines, unco-operative props and a door that just wouldn't stay shut. I love the film and sometimes it's difficult to forget the one in order th enjoy the other. Tracy Lord was played with curious inertia by Jennifer Ehle - although when she chose to move it seemed to release some much needed energy onto the stage. Nicholas Le Prevost as wicked Uncle Willie was quite marvellous, completely at home as was Julia McKenzie and the charming actress who played Tracy's tomboy of a kid sister. But much rested on the padded shoulders of Miss Ehle and she seemed tense. The presence of Kevin Spacey on the stage in a role he could do in his sleep was enchanting and I wish we could have seen more of him. The scenes between him and Tracy were some of the better ones. In spite of knowing the film version quite well (so I thought) I found aspects of the plot rather laboured, but a responsive and appreciative audience forgave all in enthusiastic applause.

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