Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hors d'oeuvres

There's been a surprising lack of articles about The Philadelphia Story even though previews started yesterday. Perhaps more will come out after the press night on May 10th. Meanwhile, whet your Ehle appetite with these tiny, grainy, scratchy multimedia offerings.

  • Clips of The Real Thing and award shows on this Stephen Dillane site.
  • Trailer for This Year's Love dubbed in Spanish.
  • Clips from the audiobook Witch Child, written by Celia Rees.
  • Clip from The Tempest audiobook.
  • Jennifer Ehle takes part in the American Theatre Wing's round-table seminar on working in the theatre. [edited: wrong link changed- thanks to Robb Perry]
  • Possession trailer.

    There have been several articles about Kevin Spacey's run so far as the artistic director at the Old Vic, mentioning The Philadelphia Story. The latest is the Times' "Has Spacey lost the plot at the Old Vic? No, it's only act 2". Unfortunately no mention of Jennifer Ehle.
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