Monday, May 09, 2005

Autographed Wilde script available

Buy this script at eBay, featuring signatures by Stephen Fry, Jude Law and of course Jennifer Ehle (hers is the one to the right). It was used by Jack Knight, the actor who played Oscar Wilde's son Cyril. Currently listed at USD$50.

Speaking of Wilde, I just discovered this "making of" site containing some quotes by Ms Ehle on her character, Constance:
Jennifer Ehle admires the woman she plays: "I think that Constance's story bears testament to her strength of character -her strength as a person. She refused to run for cover when things got rough and she showed great patience, forbearance and loyalty during the times when Oscar started to spend more and more time away.

"She had great belief in him. He had some prospects when they married, but in no way was his future assured. But she believed in him and I think she believed him to be a genius. I do think there was something in her that wanted to attach herself to somebody that she could almost live vicariously through. As a woman in those days you couldn't stand on your own and be successful. To have a successful husband was quite a wonderful and valid ambition. She was very, very bright and loved Oscar a great deal."

See also the reviews page, which has a whole slew of them (keep clicking "next"), with many praising Ms Ehle.

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