Tuesday, May 10, 2005

BBC radio 3: "Peter Pan at the Players" and other audio

Apparently, last December, the BBC's "Stage and Screen" radio program broadcasted a parlour reading of "Peter Pan" with Rosemary Harris and Jennifer Ehle among other actors.
Edward Seckerson introduces a centenary parlour reading of Peter Pan, complete with John Crook's original incidental music from the 1905 Broadway production. Specially recorded for Stage and Screen in the Edwardian splendour of New York's Players Club, with an all-star cast including Rosemary Harris, Hayley Mills, Jennifer Ehle, Michael Allinson and Matthew Blumm.

Another site indicates that this is available on CD; however, there's no mention of it anywhere else that I can find.

I've also found a place where you can buy the tape of Aladdin, which was broadcasted by BBC Radio 4 in 1999: send a cheque to Above the Title for £6.99. Jennifer Ehle stars as Princess Mahjong; the cast also includes Robbie Coltrane.

For a non-related amusing bit of (mis)information from Jennifer Ehle's alma mater, the North Carolina School of the Arts, have a look at their alumni newletter [pdf] [Google's HTML version]. They say that Jennifer Ehle married a "Michael Turner" and that the couple currently lives in Scotland.

Another strange find is a site on Ms Ehle's smoking status, logging when she smokes on-screen and references to smoking in her interviews. Very odd. NB. though the link above is safe(ish), it contains links to other unsavoury sites. Click at your own risk.

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