Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Malas noticias

I e-mailed The River King's Spanish distributor, Filmax, about the release date for the film.

Response in Spanish:
Por el momento, la fecha de estreno en cine no está definida. Lo más posible es que sea de cara a 2006.

Babel translation + a little linguistic common sense:
At the moment, the date of opening in cinemas is not defined. It is most likely that it will be in 2006.

Other possible release dates from other sources:
  • Play.com says that the DVD will be released on Oct 10th, 2005 and allows pre-ordering for that date.
  • Reelwest.com reports that the film will be released in Winter 2005.
  • Tribute.ca, on the other hand, reports that it will be released in Fall 2005.
  • Julian Rhind -Tutt says that the film will be released in Spring 2005.
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