Monday, May 23, 2005

Philadelphia Story review from the forum

Joy! Our first review from the JE blog forum. Thanks Carrie!

I saw the Philadelphia Story last night, having seen National Anthems twice, i decided to see this one due to kevin spacey again appearing in it. I didn't know what to expect didn't really know the story so couldn't comment on the likeness to the film, though i feel thats a good thing. Jennifer looking and sounding very different to the only other role i have seen her in (Pride and Predjudice) looked great and wearing the red wig which suited, her performance to start with, i felt like she was pushing a little too hard to impress but seemed to relax as the play went on. I felt that overall her performance was great along with the rest of the cast, as i felt no one really stood out apart from each other.

[edit] Oops, actually not the first. Lisa also posted one:

TPS was quite good--I saw it on May 4th (I live in the U.S., but was vacationing in London at the time and in fact booked my ticket back in February--I was sooo excited when I realized that this show would be opening during the time of my trip)--I have to agree with some reviewers that JE did seem a little stiff, and in fact, I thought, too, that she was trying too hard to emulate Kate Hepburn's manner/overly-assertive demeanor at times...she seemed more comfortable in the second half...and, keep-in-mind, this was only the second night of the show...

I didn't attempt to see her after the show, but sure enjoyed the pic posted on this blog of the person who did! I think I remember from the post that he (?) was at the show the same evening as I was! Again, she is also very beautiful and has an attractive figure and a very "rich" voice. I truly had considered attempting to get another ticket for that following Sat. matinee, but didn't--and I regret it!

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