Friday, May 13, 2005

Son of Darcy is born

Being somewhat of a throwback to a distant age when gallantry was still considered to be among man's greatest virtues, I find it nigh impossible to ignore a lady's call for assistance. So when Jennite asked for help editing the Jennifer Ehle blog, I gladly volunteered.

As for when and why I entered Jennifer Ehle fandom, my name should give it away. My interest in this extraordinary actress was recently rekindled by films such as Possession, and her appearance in the stage play The Philadelphia Story, which I have recently attended.

But enough talking, (back) to business!


T said...

Welcome, gallant sir ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome and I hope you have fun co-editing the Jennifer Ehle blog! I love this lady and I cannot wait to see the Philadelphia Story!!! Lol
Well Have a good weekend!