Thursday, May 12, 2005

New user reviews on WhatsOnStage

The average rating is 3.67, with five 5-star reviews and two 1-star reviews at the WhatsOnStage user reviews page.

An incredible joy to watch. Huge expectations totally fulfilled. Spacey and Ehle are amazing, completely redefine Dex and Tracy. Original and moving. hilarious. Fine supporting all around. Its a treat to see such a classic reinvented for the better; yes, better. I love the film, but this is live and joyous. Ehle breaks everyone's heart by shows end. she's fantastic.

I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful play. It's a terrific production, with a great cast, snappy dialogue and really beautiful sets and lighting. Jennifer Ehle is a joy as Tracey Lord. She makes the role her own and I'm glad she didn't try to emulate Katharine Hepburn.

I know I should see it on it's own merits - but really Jennifer Ehle just doesn't have anything of Hepburn. I couldn't work out why all these men would want to chase her.

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