Saturday, May 21, 2005

Older TV and radio recordings at the British Library

Recordings of many older works with Jennifer Ehle are available at the British Library's National Sound Archives. Access requires a reader's pass and appointment.

The links below lead to the catalogue records. I also note the call numbers, which you'll need to listen to or watch these works. The catalogue is rather muddled and confusing; I'm not even sure whether some of these are audio or video.
  • Summerfolk video recording. H11350-H11351 T1-2 ARCHIVE.
  • Beyond Reason video recording. V3377/2.
  • Pleasure video recording. V3222/1.
  • Playing the wife sound recording. H8760/1.
  • Self catering video recording. V3205/1.
  • Keystone sound recording. B9249.
  • Anniversary: part one and two sound recordings. B9370/4 and B9376/5.

    Refer to the filmography (rather, everything-ography- what's the word for that again?) chez Debby Wan for dates and some details.

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