Thursday, May 12, 2005

Evening Standard: "Jennifer injects pathos and joy"

This review isn't loading for me, but have a look. The title is promising!

[edit] Evelyn from the EhleNews group has a typed up version. Here are some of the bits mentioning Ms Ehle. NB. Major spoiler!
After Hepburn on celluloid, all arch and artificial as Philadelphia heiress Tracy, Jennifer Ehle offers a fresh and terrific attraction. Miss Ehle portrays a haughty, huffy girl who lets champagne and the smitten writer-journalist Macaulay almost, but not quite, get the better of her virtue in the swimming pool. She transmits real pathos.

By turns priggish and vulnerable, she seethes with old resentments as she confronts her unwanted fiancé, her unloving father and a desired new man. Unfortunately this psychologically convincing approach rather starves the comedy of the oxygen of frivolity and amusement.
Yet at the happy, unexpected marital ending, Ehle's flushed outburst of joy makes this Philadelphia Story as charged with emotion as the film original.

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