Monday, May 23, 2005

Sam Mendes at the Donmar excerpt

Was fossicking through the EhleNews archives again, when I found this excerpt from Matt Wolf's book:
"It just seemed impossibly cool for somebody like me to be involved in something at the Donmar. I had seen Nine there and knew that the theatre had that thing about it - that sheen and also the glamour of the Nicole Kidman play that had caused a stir. Somehow the place just works, and you forgive it any problems that there are because that's part of what makes the whole experience just special. I think its imperfections help with the intimacy, although the whole thing only works because so often the plays are so good. You know at the Donmar when you agree to do the play that you are getting paid 200-odd quid a week. And still you're gagging to go, gagging to do it."
The Brantley review had called Dillane "immensely appealing" and Ehle "delectable" and the Tony voters went on to decide as much. On June 4, both stars and the revival itself collected trophies, marking the only time that a contemporary play has won actor and actress prizes for two sets of performers across 2 productions. Ehle's win was the more peculiar, simply because the competition in her category included her own mother, who was nominated for that season's premiere of Noel Coward's Waiting in the Wings. "it was lovely - dream come true," Rosemary Harris says of her daughter's victory. Ehle, for her part, remembers thinking "Leave us alone; let us go home. I just want to go out for a curry with my mum." In any case, notes Ehle with appealing modesty, "Even though Glenn had won it and had been so wonderful, I never thought Annie was a Tony-winning part because she in so many ways is the supporting role; it's Henry's play"

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