Friday, May 13, 2005

Times: "Sassy Phillies give a smart slap to boho"

Courtesy of HC of the Legacy-Unleashed group, an article about The Philadelphia Story's fashion - particularly Tracy Lord's costumes - in the Times.
The five costumes designed for Ehle in the new production of The Philadelphia Story (in which Kevin Spacey co-stars), by Tom Rand, capture the breezy, spirited elegance of the era but have been subtly updated (although, truth to tell, some of them, like the originals that Hepburn wore, look a bit clunky today). But what’s striking is that those mannish trouser suits, flared skirts, shapely jackets, sequins, strong shoulders and occasional Mexican ruffle look as though they stepped straight from the latest collections. In other words, God’s in his Heaven and there is an alternative to boho.

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