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What do King Kong and Jimmy Stewart have in common?

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cine file - Jennifer Ehle
5 September 1997
The Guardian

What was the first film you saw? King Kong when I was a child. I saw it four times. I had a crush on King Kong - he was my first love.

Your favourite film? This is tough. I have two favourites. Rear Window because I love Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly; and Les Enfants Du Paradis for its many elements, it's so funny and romantic.

When did you last walk out? Can't remember.

Most erotic movie moment? The love scene in Don't Look Now for the detail and intimacy and for where it comes in the story of the two characters' relationship.

Most annoying cinema habit? Chewing popcorn. I used to do it but since I've stopped I'm so aware of other people doing it.

When was the last time you snogged at the cinema? Four years ago, but I can't remember the film - so it must have been a good snog.

Favourite snippet of dialogue: Bette Davis - `I'd like to kiss you but I just washed my hair.'

Which actor would you most like to be? Jimmy Stewart - I just love him. He had such ease, so much warmth and openness.

Which actress? Grace Kelly, for her beauty and poise and elegance. Sometimes she was completely unreal and very seductive.

Last time you cried? The director's cut of Wolfgang Peterson's film Das Boot about a German U-boat.

The last time you hid under your seat? The opening scenes of Scream with Drew Barrymore.

How did you prepare for Constance in Wilde? I read the Richard Ellman biography and a book on Constance, and generally boned up on Oscar.

Who's the best screen lover, Stephen Fry's Wilde or Colin Firth's Mr Darcy? You can't compare the two - it's not fair on either person. Wilde was a terrible husband. Stephen was a great screen lover. I'm sure he would make a great husband.

Are you sick of costume dramas? Not at all, they usually offer the best female parts. My reason for choosing a part depends on the story.

Jennifer Ehle is in Wilde, which opens on October 17. Interview by Justina Hart.

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