Friday, August 19, 2005

The Harris hat method

This is the first of a series of articles about Rosemary Harris and John Ehle, dug up from a newspaper database. There are mentions of their daughter, but they're interesting in their own right. This one, about Rosemary Harris' performance in Hay Fever in 1986, is the earliest mention of Ms Ehle in the media that I can find.

“I'll make all my students rehearse in their favorite hats,” she says. “We'll call it the hat method.” Miss Harris is gentle and gracious, showing no hint of the histrionic Mrs. Bliss, who, when upset, lifts hand to forehead and trills, “I would like someone to play something very beautiful for me on the piano.”

But Miss Harris's 16-year-old daughter, Jennifer, who is at lunch, teases her mother that she “has picked up little bits of Judith. You can be bossy about getting the laundry.”

“My voice projection has gone up a bit,” Miss Harris concedes. [more]

Since these articles are quite long, I'm going to backdate them and post extracts on the front page. Follow the links given to read the full text.

PS. Remember, the deadline for submission of questions for the fan interview is midnight tonight, your time zone. Don't miss out! I'm taking the weekend to edit and format, then sending off the list on Monday.

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