Thursday, August 18, 2005

Backbeat reviews

Other reviews of Backbeat exist, but these are the only ones I can find that actually mention Ms Ehle.

  • 'Backbeat' captures The Beatles before the hysteria
    Yardena Arar
    15 April 1994
    Los Angeles Daily News

    Dorff and Hart are tremendous as Sutcliffe and Lennon; Hart especially has captured the feeling of Lennon even if he's not exactly the spitting image of the late rock star. Although Astrid gets short shrift in Softley's screenplay - she's basically seen through Stu's eyes - Lee at least conveys a sense of the blend of sex appeal and intellect that so thoroughly enchanted both men.

    In contrast, John's then-girlfriend Cynthia (Jennifer Ehle) comes across as a sweet but intellectually limited individual who will never offer him the challenge he would later find in Yoko Ono.

  • Forgotten Beatle's tale told
    Sharon Johnson
    9 May 1994
    The Harrisburg Patriot

    Gary Bakewell and Chris O'Neill capture the look and sound of McCartney and Harrison while Jennifer Ehle (the daughter of actress Rosemary Harris) is suitably poignant as Cynthia Powell who will achieve her dream of being Mrs. John Lennon, though not for long.

    "Backbeat" is a raw, energetic, exciting movie about a raw, energetic, exciting young band fighting for success and the deserter who preferred to pursue his own dream.
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