Thursday, August 04, 2005

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The Herald, 1st January 2005, Keith Bruce.

There was a double-helping of Seckerson on Monday. In the afternoon, Stage and Screen itself was a captivating version of the original Peter Pan by J M Barrie complete with John Crook's incidental music from the Broadway production of 1905, recreated by the master of such tasks, John McGlinn. This "parlour reading", recorded in NewYork's Edwardian Players Club, featured a starry cast including Hayley Mills and Jennifer Ehle. Utterly absorbing, it also showed how closely the adaptation by our current king of the Christmas shows, Stuart Paterson - given a fine production by Liz Moran at Stirling's Macrobert this year - follows the Barrie original.

Winston-Salem Journal, 9th March 2005, Michael Hastings.

Long before most people in Winston-Salem had ever heard of brie and baguettes, Maria's was selling them. But this specialty-foods store and coffee roaster in Stratford Place won't be selling those items or anything else after March 24. Owner Maria Ingram-Braucht is calling it quits after more than 30 years in the business. "It's a lamentable fact that the big fish have swallowed up the minnows," Ingram-Braucht said of her decision to close. Ingram-Braucht, who grew up in Kernersville, was a young woman working for novelist John Ehle and actress Rosemary Harris as a nanny to their daughter, Jennifer Ehle - now herself an actress - when she got the idea of going into the food business. While traveling in England and Ireland with the family years ago, Ingram-Braucht learned about the wonders of fresh coffee. "The streets were filled with roasting coffee smells, and I fell in love with it," she said. Ehle had recently written The Wines and Cheeses of England and France and became interested in making his own wine and cheese.

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