Sunday, August 21, 2005


Submissions for the fan interview are now closed. I'm on draft #3 of the list - I've tried to retain the jist of your question while cutting as much fat as possible, to keep it down to Ulysses size rather than War and Peace. Here are a sample of questions.

  • Are you still doubting whether you should've taken to writing rather than acting? Was there a "crossroads" moment? Are you writing now - what sort? Are you ever going to pursue it seriously?
  • What advice would you give an aspiring actress? Is there something that someone told that you really remember, or something you've learned over the years that you wished you knew earlier?
  • If your instincts differ from a director's insight into a character, which do you follow?
  • Is there a particular line in your work that you were excited to say? eg. "I have to pee"
  • What was the most memorable bottle of wine you’ve ever had, and what was the occasion?
  • Why were you credited for The Hole and Born Romantic?
  • You've said that acting liberated you from shyness. What was the breakthrough moment?
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