Saturday, August 20, 2005


This is from an interview with Julianna Margulies.

Anguish on the road to riches
By Luaine Lee.
22 March 1998
Sunday Telegraph
(c) 1998 Nationwide News Proprietary Ltd

"People I haven't seen for a long time assume I've changed. That pisses me off. It's only been four years.

"I feel very lucky to have friends in my life who are so grounded and real and not in the business."

Two of her best friends are Australian actress Cate Blanchett and Britain's Jennifer Ehle, with whom she co-starred last year in the Bruce Beresford film Paradise Road.

"They are the most grounded actors I've met," she says.

"We all met when we were at the same place in our careers. We're just able to be with each other and not let anything else affect it."

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