Saturday, August 27, 2005


A few people have been asking when there'll be a reply to the questions. I don't know, but probably quite a while - weeks, months perhaps. Wasn't kidding about the list being War-and-Peace-sized; there were six dense A4 pages with 130+ questions. Quite a feat just to read, let alone answer.

A reminder: The Philadelphia Story is closing in one week. Don't miss out.


Cathy said...

I saw your post on Pemberley a while ago but I didn't have any questions to think of then, I've just seen Possession and I'm curious if any questions were submitted about that? I can't find out from the fansite if Ehle read the book prior to taking the part, has that been asked? Or what are her favourite books in general? The interviews about Possession seem very thin on what she thinks of the story and its meaning, are there questions about that? Sorry if this has all been asked before!

Jennite said...

No really in-depth questions were asked about Possession, I'm afraid. Here are a couple of interviews about it you might not have seen: PlanetOut, and the Tar Heel one. I also recall reading somewhere that she hadn't gotten around to reading the book before even though it was right up her alley...I'll try to find it.

There was a question about her favourite books/authors, though.

Jennite said...

A bit here too.