Tuesday, August 02, 2005

icSouthLondon: "At the mercy of Mr Wickham"

Zoe Walker interviews Adrian Lukis about his role in The Philadelphia Story. He talks about first-week nerves and the challenge of taking over from Kevin Spacey at such short notice.

ZW: You're actually working with Jennifer Ehle again in this play - and it's the first time you've worked together since BBC's hugely successful version of Pride and you played George Wickham and she was Elizabeth Bennet.

AL: Yes, and it's She's an old mate and it's absolutely great to be working opposite her. And Wickham gets the girl this time, which is really good. In Pride and PrejudiceI didn't get the girl.

ZW: Was it easy to slip back into working with Jennifer?

AL: She is great to work with. She's one of the most generous actors I've met - always encouraging and very supportive and helpful, as everybody in the cast has been. They've all been really, really good. And I know from past experience, from when I was part of a regular company, it's quite nice to have someone new come in. In a way it makes you re-think the play a bit and gives a fresh start, I hope.

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