Sunday, January 28, 2007

Utopia booze and books

  • Update on the LCT blog that mentions the spiffy Coast of Utopia calendar featuring photos of the leading ladies and signed by them. It's in support of Broadway Cares and copies can be bought online or in the lobby from March, for $50 a pop.
  • The NY Times and Guardian report that Utopia has increased demand for Isaiah Berlin's Russian Thinkers book. It has sold out at bookshops online and off, prompting a reprint. This news is being widely reported in the blogosphere as well.
  • Coast of Utopia distilled - another NY Times article about the guy who designs cocktails for plays, including a recipe for the Voyage one.
  • And yet another Times article, on how Utopian blokes spend their days off - in helicopters apparently.
  • Reminder in the Post-Gazette about their Utopia tour.
  • Word from the LCT is that there will be a Platform Series Q&A discussion with Tom Stoppard on February 14th. Details aren't up on the site yet.
  • Quotage from the man at the recent Drama Desk "Conversation with Tom Stoppard" event. On swotting:
    [...] “You don’t need to read tons of research to enjoy the plays,” he explained. “It’s all there onstage and quite accessible.” [...]
  • Review of Shipwreck at Stories of a Future Librarian and another at The Beef:
    [...] Again, the stagecraft wows. Who wouldn’t be delighted to watch the Place de la Concorde materialize in a moment? Yet the acting is even more impressive, as some players slip seamlessly into new roles while others gradually expand the characters we met last time. Alexander Herzen comes to the fore, allowing Brian F. O’Byrne to prove himself as the star of the show. As Herzen’s wife, Jennifer Ehle shines in a role with much more nuance than her tragically lovestruck Luibov of Part One. [...]
  • Discussion on Tony categories for Utopia at Full Force Theater Musings.

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