Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reviews + Post Gazette Offer

Post Gazette gives a review on the Coast of Utopia:
It's a cunning and poignant title, since giving utopia a coast makes it seem like an actual place -- which I guess reformers do believe -- while also suggesting its difficulty of attainment. A coast isn't the thing itself, just its approaches. It may also be a cruel mirage distantly glimpsed, or it may be the site of a shipwreck. To extend this metaphor, Stoppard names the three plays "Voyage," "Shipwreck" and "Salvage" -- a perfect arc of hope, catastrophe and tentative rebirth.

They also mention their offer:
"to see Tom Stoppard's epic, theatrical "Coast of Utopia" trilogy at Lincoln Center, April 13-15.

The group travels Friday morning and returns late Sunday; the three plays are scheduled for Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon. Included in the package price of $1,379 per person, double occupancy, are round-trip air fare from Pittsburgh, New York airport transfers and porterage, two nights at a convenient hotel, three theater tickets, dinner and discussion Saturday between shows and taxes and gratuities.

For more information or to book space, phone Gulliver's Travels at 412-441-3131 (long-distance, 1-800-848-4084) or e-mail A deposit of $500 per person is required for confirmation; mail to Gulliver's Travels, 460 S. Graham St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232-1210. Space is very limited, and the deadline is Jan. 31 or until space sells out."

There's a Review of Voyage from Sincere Syllables

And, Coleslaw blog compares The Coast of Utopia to Idiocracy

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