Monday, January 08, 2007


In order: 1) 10+ years' worth of clippings, massive thanks to Agent E; 2) scan of NY Times Shipwreck review cos hard copy is nerdily exciting, 3) photo of said review, 4) photo from the New Yorker, 5) photo from scholarship article below.

Meanwhile Coast of Utopia caster Bianca Amato is interviewed by Relevant quotage:
Oh, My Man, I Love Him So: Cast in "Shipwreck" as the outsider in a romantic triangle of Brian F. O'Byrne, Jennifer Ehle and Harbour, Amato says with a laugh, "The songs that are appropriate for Emma are 'Stand By Your Man' and 'As Long As He Needs Me.' Her idea of a relationship is that she will stick with her husband through thick and thin. You could look at her as a masochist, but I feel a real affinity with her strength and pride." The actress participates in one of the production's most talked about tableaus, when Ehle disrobes in a manner that suggests Manet's painting "Dejeuner sur l'Herbe." Notes Amato, "It was fascinating to rehearse, because it's two locations mixed into one and everyone onstage has a massive agenda. The climax of the love triangle is so shattering; it's very special to be part of that scene with Brian and Jennifer."

Note photo 2) over yonder is from aforementioned shattering scene. also has their Word of Mouth video review of Shipwreck up. There's a special mention for Ms Ehle from BroadwayWorld's Margo Channing and in another thread as well, plus discussion of Tony categories for the Utopia boys. Michael Berry has a mini roundup which includes an audio interview with Sir Tom. Tom Bestor of Rational Feast reviews Voyage and Shipwreck. The News & Observer reminds us to keep an eye out for certain North Carolinan actors come June 10. Also have a look at Martha Plimpton's blog and the LCT blog with updates from starting Salvage.

By the way, you might notice we've got a new labels feature since we upgraded to the new Blogger. Bear with us while we catalogue our 1100-odd posts (owch).


Kerry said...

haha I love your scarf next to the picture of the NY times review... ahhh memories!!!

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