Friday, January 19, 2007

Blanchett and Bellini

Cate Blanchett quotes Rosemary Harris in this Observer interview with Mark Salisbury in December:

Men are boys for such a long time and really don't start getting the great roles until they're in their mid-thirties. But then they've got a long time to do them, whereas for women, it's all about playing younger and younger and younger. They start when they're 18 and go till they're 28, maybe 35 if they're lucky. I remember [veteran actress] Rosemary Harris saying to me that, in her sixties, she was coming into a whole swathe of work because she was one of the few women who hadn't had anything done, who actually looked her age, because when people try to find a 60-year-old now, there are none. I'm in it for the long haul.

Ali Rohrs reviews the first two parts of Coast of Utopia for the Columbia Spectator:
In Shipwreck, Stoppard marries debates of philosophy and romance in the marriage of Herzen (BrĂ­an F. O'Byrne) and his wife Natalie (Jennifer Ehle, who won a 2000 Tony for another Stoppard play, The Real Thing). O'Byrne grounds the show with his even and steady portrayal of the logical Herzen, while Ehle adds momentum to each scene by fluctuating between Natalie's sharp intelligence and her unrestrained passion.
John Heilpern of the NY Observer is critical, head-but-no-heart same-old.

All That Chat peoples are discussing the difficulty of scoring seats and there's a reminder about Salvage previews opening on January 30th at BroadwayWorld. Get your tix quick! Brendan Lemon has TWO updates at the LCT blog - one on Herzen's rising star and the other on the music of the plays (= gorgeous). Damned enormous Pacific Ocean.

For something completely different, found via Veritas' LJ is this YouTube video comparing the BBC and film versions of Pride and Prejudice in splitscreen.

PS. Ok, so Else from the tagboard tipped us off to the fact that Ms Ehle is no longer listed under Michael Clayton in IMDB. Well we thought to check in the Coast of Utopia Playbill...and alas, although other upcomings such as Pride and Glory and Road to the Sky are mentioned, there's nix on Michael Clayton (but on the Utopia trilogy's official site, it is still there). We're looking into it, but for now perhaps it should be considered in doubt. Sad day.

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