Saturday, January 27, 2007

And then there were three...

Greetings everyone!

My name is Abi, and T has very kindly invited me to make regular contributions to this fantastic site. I am in America at the moment but I'm normally in sunny(!) England, where I live about an hour away from London.

I have considered Ms Ehle one of our finest actresses for a great many months now and my admiration shows no sign of abating. My favourites of her works (apart from the obvious) are Sunshine, Melissa, Wilde and Possession, all of which I think are brilliant in their own unique way. I currently spend the vast majority of my limited student financial resources travelling between Vermont and Lincoln Center, where I have been lucky enough to see Voyage once and Shipwreck twice, with a visit to Salvage planned for March. The Coast of Utopia is a stunning production and I urge all of you to see it (in any way feasible) if you have not yet done so. I have unintentionally become a walking Utopia quote bank! (Ok, well maybe partly intentionally...)

I am somewhat challenged in the technological department, but I will do my best to be worthy of my new position. As soon as I get the hang of it, I look forward to giving website-extraordinaires T and Chelsea a (little) less work to do!

Love, Abi xxx


T said...

A blogger is born, yay! Welcome to the vortex, Bez. Thanks for coming on board.

Chelsea said...

Welcome Abi! So great to have you on board :)

Kerry said...

ahhhh Bez, finally the third blogger appears - though you're still # 4 of 7 (I can't give up my position!) Can't wait till the blogger and roving reporter go in March!!