Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More reviews and photos

Remember Bruce who we linked two posts ago? He's done another great review- of Shipwreck. The pictures below are from his blog.

"Jennifer Ehle (who played Ethan Hawke's sister Liubov in part One) proves even a greater actress than I thought of her in Part One!"
"So THE COAST OF UTOPIA is not for everyone but for those who think Tom Stoppard is perhaps the world's premiere playwright, this is one of his best, spilling out ideas and visual brilliance to fill the mind up to the brim (and to some perhaps overflow it!)"

And from Anni In NYC:
And my current obsession is to see theatre, not just any piece but Coast of Utopia, Tom Stoppard's play about Russian intellectuals and their philosophical debates in pre-revolution Russia. Actually it's series: it consists of three plays, each about three hours long with over 70 actors including Ethan 'Before Sunrise/set' Hawke.

I absolutely want to see Coast of Utopia marathon, meaning seeing all three plays in one day during 12 hours. I can only imagine the amount of knowledge and ideas one is exposed to during this marathon. I imagine being a walking and talking Russian pre-revolution dictionary after those 12 hours. I want to go! I need to go! But I'm not the only one and the tickets are gone, gone, gone, even with the price of 200-400 dollars. I'll keep on hunting. It has become a mission. Hopefully not an impossible one.

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