Monday, January 15, 2007


Nicholas Stankevich (David Harbour) and Liubov Bakunin (Jennifer Ehle) play a notably endearing young couple and their lost relationship fills the play with a sense of quiet tragedy. Their love is cast aside in Stankevich’s pursuit of higher thought, and both of them die alone and separated without ever acting upon their feelings. Their loss – which goes unspoken by the other characters – is the play’s lasting statement: when human feeling is ignored, what is the meaning of revolution?
Twingomatic also has a positive mention of Voyage.
  • A LCT usher catalogues the famous faces seen in the audience (Rosemary Harris, Bette Midler, Rachel Griffiths, etc) and also recounts a nasty encounter with a critic.
  • Kez writes about accidentally bumping into a fellow fan and Utopia-goer on a delayed flight. We're everywhere! That makes...9.
By the way, although the StudenTix ship has sailed, we did witness firsthand people rocking up to the LCT box office at the last minute with their student ID and getting $30 rush tix. And another thing, from the Lincoln Center Plaza, enter the New York Library for the Performing Arts next door to the Vivian Beaumont lobby for a glimpse of Rosemary Harris.

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