Monday, January 23, 2006

This Year's Love reviews

Two of em, neither available online. Primero, Martin Hoyle of the Financial Times, February 18th 1999.

The characters rarely rise above stereotype, from Jennifer Ehle's posh girl with a nostalgie de la boue ("I went to Roedean - would you believe it?" she signals, just in case we don't) to Dougray Scott's voracious womaniser and Ian Hart's Scouse nerd. Kathy Burke's airport cleaner-cum-pub singer almost comes to life, though again given too much articulate self-awareness to ring true. The cast is pretty good, though Ehle's perpetual sweetness (she deploys un certain sourire and not much else) hardly indicates the spoilt slummer. Admirably, however, unlike that other sexual merry-go-round with Ehle, the twee Bedrooms and Hallways (shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival but not so far released), this film shows a seething London that actually looks as grubby, tacky and tawdry as the capital of Cool Britannia really is.

How prétentieux is it to randomly drop phrases en français? Sacrebleu.

Segundo, from the Leicester Mercury on the same date.

For this diverting take on the dating game, writer-director David Kane has to be complimented for his sharp observational skills and ability to translate 'real' people and situations into a satisfying drama, which shuns happy endings. It also boasts an excellent cast, with Burke, McCormack and Ehle justifying their position at the forefront of the new wave of British film actresses. Although I doubt anyone involved would welcome the comparison, This Year's Love is a kind of Breakfast Club for the late nineties - but with the emphasis on greasy bacon and eggs rather than lightly buttered toast! THE lovers whose wedding day bust-up sparks the romantic complications in This Year's Love, are played by rising British stars Catherine McCormack and Douglas Henshall.

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