Monday, January 16, 2006

The kindness of strangers

Josie of A Genius at Work is officially inducted into my personal Hall of People Who Really Rock. She's just e-mailed this enormous package of 59, yes FIFTY-NINE, gorgeous photos.

You can see all of them as thumbnails in the blog's Photobucket album, in the "Josie's pics" subfolder. Click on a photo you want to see enlarged, then right-click or ctrl-click and choose to save it.

Some you may have come across before, but there are a good number that I can't remember seeing elsewhere. Of the new ones there a few more unwatermarked Philadelphia Story stills, some photos from awards ceremonies and other events, and many from magazine or newspaper shoots that weren't chosen for publication.

I've also just made public the blog's full Photobucket album containing lots of photos posted here (but not all, so the most comprehensive listing of photos is still in the index). There won't be any surprises for those who have been reading us from the beginning, but new visitors might want to have a look. If you're wondering at the more incongruous images, it's because I use this album to host avatars and such.

[edit: there are four more photos Josie just sent. They're from that blue-background series]

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pics!! There were many there I had not seen before.
Thanks for everything you do in keeping this wonderful blog.